These are the values on which the Panzeri company is based, which has been producing lighting for over 70 years and commercialising Made in Italy in the most exclusive environments all over the world. Production company since 1947, able to renew itself to grow but without losing the values that have always represented its philosophy: research, quality, with a high-level of technological content.



A new concept of quality, to create something new for the professional lighting and LED market: the best of light quality, with the highest colour rendering index and the best energy efficiency, with colour constancy over time that nobody else can offer. FlexaLighting interprets design as the perfect combination of form and function, to trace new solutions for architecture and landscape.



Slamp creates decorative design lamps, capturing the most current incitements, gaining them from the natural world, from architectural and sartorial virtuosity and from artistic trends. And it transforms them into luminous, evocative and versatile objects, thanks to the use of new generation materials and to a special manual skill in assembling elements that composed, they give life to a luxuriant figurative panorama.



Indoor and outdoor lighting. The particular style of Aldo Bernardi comes from the combination of tradition, culture and innovation. A wide range of suspension lamps, wall and exposed systems in antiqued brass, nickel and ceramic made with carefully crafted.



Zero Lighting was founded in 1978 with the aim of creating unique lighting appliances for an audience interested in design. It is a historic Swedish company leader in indoor and outdoor lighting. Unique in the use of innovative materials and design. Always in continuous and sustained search for colours, pure shapes and comfort for a product of great Design.



The Verde Profilo® brand was born in 2008 from an idea of Stefano Laprocina, a young agronomist, profound connoisseur and lover of nature. He designs and creates natural indoor and outdoor sceneries. The constant research already makes this young reality a leader in the realization of indoor and outdoor Vertical Gardens.



Orangeries is a place to revitalize a vision: the winter garden is a space inspired by the love for nature but designed and created by man. The goal is to design and to create with the utmost attention to proportions and details, glass and metal conservatories, able to take back and to revisit both the architectural tradition of classic winter gardens and the linearity of the contemporaries, complying with the modern functional and aesthetic needs.



Founded in 1981, Bross has been known since its start-up period as a young and creative company but attentive to details and quality of its products. The attention to details, the careful choice of materials and the love for wood are the peculiar characteristics of the company that was created to meet the precise need of the early ‘80s to qualify the extraordinary potential at aesthetic, functional and technological level, which Friuli has always had for woodworking.