Bross: the Italian design at the 2018 Winter Olympics
The Casa Italia project, for the entire duration of the event, was the corner of the so called “Bel Paese” in the heart of the far South Korea. Casa Italia was not only the official headquarters of the Italia Olympic Team, but was destined to host the numerous meetings and official events as a convector of ideas and opportunities, connections and emotions.
For the event also Bross, a company among the Made in Italy excellences, was invited to take part in the project, and thus it provided the furnishings for the new Casa Italia that will take place in the Yongpyong Golf Club of the Alpensia Resort, the nerve center of Olympic competitions and ceremonies.
An important collaboration born to furnish the beating heart of Casa Italia, the dining and meeting area, and which involved in exclusive Bross with numerous seats and tables designed by Giulio Iacchetti, currently among the internationally most renowned designers: the Ademar and the Amalong tables.